David has a big personality, energy, presence and at the same time he is humble because he knows the creative life he gives to his work comes from a place of nothingness — where the vision is given.


Sometimes the vision is big and it belongs to all who witness and other times it is private and belongs in a yard representing an expression for that individual.  All in all it is the gift received and then fabricated into the artist’s vision.  David’s public works belong to all of us to see, enjoy and relate to in our lives.  He is driven and he knows it is bigger than he is and somehow knows how to listen.  The magic is ours to experience and his to reveal.

Going into the nothingness is quite the experience for David and he practices this through meditation in the natural surroundings of his meadow and the wild that gathers around him.  He allows all that is — all that speaks to him.  All that reveals itself to him.  Then the translation is his passion – from thought to metal.


A mission in progress, with the purpose of telling a story, a horse story perhaps or a story told using the energy of the horses.
David is a horse, at peace with the place in his heart that pounds with joy running free, whooping it up. Enjoying the smells, excitement about the energy in the air and the total commitment to explore Mother Earth. Her gifts, her unexpected showing of her strengths and lulling us in with her eternal beauty. Again the story is told and David reflects it back to us in his work – his presentation of how it evolves – how it is made manifest.

The Man Behind The Art

David is humble about his art and at the same time excited by that which drives him. The placement of his pieces matter as much as the piece itself. It is part of it, his love for history, meaning and all encompassing oneness gives the vision wholeness. He includes all people, all nations, weaving together the thread that connects us, that very thread that makes up the tribe. David is not Native American as much as he reflects that spirit in his art but wholeheartedly knows we are all of one tribe and that is David’s real spirit, his real message. David resides high in the mountains where he can really feel and experience the natural space in which to create. His creek and his horses feed him, they allow his freedom to be the wild horse he is. He would be happy living as his horses, sleeping on the ground, grazing and for sure snorting, neighing, calling for his brothers. As simple as that sounds he actually has the constitution for it and for sure the love.

More Than Horses

David’s art isn’t just about horses and he absolutely loves music – he would love to be a musician.

David includes those around him to participate in any way with any creativity one chooses to bring. He is always speaking in terms of a collaborative effort or vision. His close friends love his talent of course but really care for the man. His community definitely shares his belief in helping one another. They come together around this mountain to help each other survive when times are tough and have created a loving network, one they can truly rely on.


David is a mystery, a man living in the high mountains who comes down and shows up for music and his art. He is totally available to all people and then back to the mountains with his horses. I love him for his giant availability to love. Everything he does he does big. His vision is beautiful and already much appreciated on this planet. We are lucky to share in his art, his talent and his vision.